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EPA Defends Use of Spy Planes Over Iowa, Neb. Cattle Ranches

The New American: The Environmental Protection Agency reportedly has been using aircraft to spy on cattle ranchers in Iowa and Nebraska. Nebraska's congressional delegation recently submitted a joint letter to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson expressing concerns about the surveillance, to which the EPA replied that its use of the planes is well within the legal boundaries, as well as "cost-effective. [ Read about it... ]




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Laser beam may one day replace X-rays

CNN: Researchers at the University of Colorado have made a breakthrough that may one day help doctors detect disease earlier and with more accuracy.

Based on the hypothosesis of Dr. Tenio Popmintchev, researchers have created a laser beam by adding 5,000 photons together. Previously, two photons were typically used to create laser beams. This is the first time so many photons have been successfully added together. [ Read about it... ]



Synthetic cells used to bioengineer new forms of silica Scientists do not fully understand how nature uses proteins to develop new materials and minerals, but learning more about the natural processes could lead to bioengineering methods such as the biological synthesis of solid-state materials for electronics applications.

Now researchers in the US have designed a synthetic biological platform to facilitate the study of these processes and genetically engineer new materials. [ Read about it... ]


Living Longer and Healthier on a Diet Full of Butter, Eggs, and Raw Milk

Off The Grid News: I knew six of my eight great-grandparents, all six lived into their late eighties or early nineties. I knew all four of my grandparents, three of the four lived into their nineties, and one still lives at 91. Were my ancestors health nuts? Hardly. In fact, they were hard working folks who grew up on small farms in the Midwest.

They produced much of their own food when they were young, (especially during the Great Depression) and got plenty of exercise farming, raising animals, and sometimes working a second job in town. They slept well, often tired from a hard day's work. [ Read about it... ]