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About Universal Awareness Solutions


The Mission

The world is changing fast. Rollercoaster economic conditions, evolving technologies, and risks to our way of life mean perilous times for the average person. Making matters worse, environmental change and events outside our control make life stressful and difficult. How do you make sense of it all and stay ahead of the curve?

To survive and thrive, you need more than just information—you need a plan of action. Whether it’s how to build a small business or a career, or how to create a sustainable lifestyle, you need practical solutions that you can apply today.

Universal Awareness Solutions is here to help you achieve a holistic view of life at multiple levels: career, health, and home. The site contains news, ideas, and “how to” about topics we encounter daily. Here, you'll find articles, short stories, and eBooks that show how to take charge and make a difference in the world around you.

You'll learn how to start a business, build a career, and even create a self-sufficient home environment. You'll also lean about the latest trends in science and technology—and how they will affect you. Let your journey to awareness begin!



The Voice

Jim Kleidon is an independent researcher and writer with a passion for holistic living, the sciences, and creating a sustainable environment. Following a multi-generational path of farmers, homesteaders, and outdoorsman, Jim stayed deeply connected to the natural realm while pursuing a technology career in his 20’s and 30’s.

He first joined the corporate world in 1987 as an engineer and enjoyed success at several major companies, including Sun Microsystems and Motorola. In 2003, he founded WriteTex Communications, LLC, which specializes in helping businesses improve their sales and marketing outreach.

Kleidon commands a wealth of expertise across a wide range of topics—from high technology, medical science, and energy, to astronomy—and even organic gardening. Additionally, Jim has published bylined articles in Succeed magazine, Home Business magazine, and The Business Journal.

During his journey, Jim developed a passion for achieving balance in life, which includes health, home, and career. His goal is to help others in their journey to realizing their vision of success. Jim holds a B.S. in Computer and Information Science, with a minor in Communications.