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The Technology Seller's Bible:

Customer-Centric Strategies for Driving a Deep Sales Pipeline


Discover The Ultimate System for Selling Technology.

Proven Ways for Getting Better Results from Your Marketing and Sales Efforts.

—By Jim Kleidon


Dear Friend,

Are you in a business or a career that depends on selling technology to other businesses? Are you getting the most from your sales efforts? Are your marketing and sales campaigns fully aligned? Do you know how to build customer loyalty through every stage of the sales cycle?

Fact is, how well you understand the needs of your customers determines how much money you’ll make, and how well your overall business will perform. You need to know exactly what it takes to improve sales results and revenue—and keep your customers coming back for more.

But getting there is not easy.

Most businesses—especially technology businesses—fall far short of their customer’s expectations. Reality shows that few organizations use an approach that meets the needs of the customer, personalizes the solution, or builds loyalty throughout the customer engagement. In fact, the vast majority of corporate professionals and entrepreneurs simply do not know what their customers really want or need.

You want to excel, and take steps to make your business and career successful.

So Get Started Now!

For over 25 years in my corporate and business life, I've helped win my share of sales victories, some in the tens of millions of dollars. Through these experiences, I’ve learned the deep nuances of building a technology business—from properly qualifying leads, understanding critical business issues, and communicating value.

The Technology Seller’s Bible is highly unique because it takes B2B relationship building to the next level using proven customer-centric strategies at each step of the customer's journey. It shows you how to accelerate sales results by tightly aligning marketing and sales activities, targeting decision makers with a common buyer profile, and creating a pipeline of highly qualified leads.

You will learn customer-centric practices for quickly diagnosing critical business pain, personalizing solutions, and laying a foundation for long-term customer loyalty. These easy-to-use, actionable principles will enable you to understand your customers on a deeper level, close deals more efficiently, and improve your sales and marketing performance.

Here's What You'll Gain...

    • Actionable best practices to efficiently and accurately diagnose your customer's critical business issues.

    Achieve alignment between your marketing and sales activities though a shared buyer profile.

    • Understand your target audience on a deeper level and create customer-relevant messaging.

    Use customer-centric strategies for targeting and generating "ideal buyer" leads.

    • Efficiently tailor personalized solutions that address your customer's needs.

    Learn best practices for winning technical engagements and defeating competitive challenges.

    • Generate more dollars per sale, improve sales efficiency, and shorten the time to close.

    Understand decision-maker and influencer trigger points, what they really want, and why.

    • Adapt and optimize to customer dynamics so you can create an engaging customer experience.

    Drive a deeper pipeline with higher quality leads and a large base of loyal customers.


The Technology Seller's Bible Chapter Outline

    • Preface

    • Chapter 1: Understanding Technology Sales

    Chapter 2: A (Short) List of Typical Technical Sales Challenges

    • Chapter 3: Unraveling the Technology Sales Life Cycle

    Chapter 4: Analyze and Strategize – Defining the Target Audience

    • Chapter 5: Communicating Value – Customer-Relevant Messaging

    Chapter 6: Triggering Interest – Effective Lead Generation and Qualification

    • Chapter 7: Diagnosing the Prospect’s Pain – Problems That Demand a Solution

    Chapter 8: Prescribing the Solution – Delivering Personalized Value

    • Chapter 9: Overcoming Evaluation Anxiety – Winning Technical Engagements

    Chapter 10: Closing the Deal – The Purchase Order Tango

    • Chapter 11: Beyond the Sale – Leveraging Ongoing Success

    Chapter 12: The Ultimate Strategy – Creating a Customer-Centric Culture

    Twelve Commandments of the Customer-Centric Strategy


So Let's Get Started!

By now you're wondering…what’s the cost?

The strategies in The Technology Seller's Bible are worth tens of thousands of dollars and more. If the customer-centric approach is adopted at the corporate level, the positive impact on a business is potentially enormous.

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In a matter of minutes, you can start learning how to establish customer-centric strategies that promote increased profitability through long-term customer success.

If you are looking to improve your sales campaigns, improve marketing outreach, and gain a competitive edge—then you need this eBook. I want to see you make more money without delay, so I encourage you to order now.

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